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Good Bye!

Good Bye!

Today is my last day at Travel Appeal as Mobile Developer. It was not an easy decision; however, I felt it was time to leave this fantastic experience and start focusing on my true passions and future career.

It all started at Via della Scala…

I started my adventure with Travel Appeal three years ago. As a student, I was searching for a company that would allow me to practice what I learned at University first hand.

My time in the dark Via della Scala in Florence wasn’t so bad. My team was close-knit and we accomplished so much in a short amount of time. A little bit of victory gave us the enthusiasm we needed to reach our goals, help the public and improve our product. In that time, a little family was built. We have always trusted one another. It never felt like a competition; in fact, we learned from each other and made each other better.

During the years the business grew. People left and others joined, but the family atmosphere never broke. Looking back, this was one of the most positive aspects from my first work experience that I’ll never forget.

From the beginning to present day, Travel Appeal has changed offices four times. The office that everyone enjoyed more than the others was HUB. HUB not only is a co-working space, but a friendly community where you can share experiences and problems during a simple beer with the other “Hubbers”, most of them with different backgrounds. Some of them were not developers, which was not so important as everyone enjoyed the atmosphere made by the people working there. We all shared our stories of success and failures. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about all topics, not just programming.

What I learned during my work experience:

In these years, I had the possibility to understand how a Start-Up can succeed and what really matters:

  • Clear priorities
    It’s easy to lose focus in the daily routine of a business, especially with a start-up. We must consider “If everyone is a priority, then nothing is a priority”. Ideas are easy. You have two ideas. I have two ideas. Developers have two ideas. But to maximize our opportunities, we need to be clear about where to focus our attention. Sometimes this is one of the main problems with start-ups.
  • Never stop learning
    In the age of computer science and AI technologies, you can never stop learning. It’s wrong to not consider the news and latest trends of the technology. I know it’s expensive and difficult to remain up to date and focus on your product at the same time. I started to improve my knowledge for one hour a day and try and test what I’ve read during my daily development. In my case, finding a balance was possible and not time wasting. The only difficulty was turning this practice into a routine.
  • “Ego is the enemy”
    The last book I read was titled “Ego is the Enemy” by Ryan Holiday. I learned that in your life, particularly at work, your Ego can be a problem. You must never believe that your ideas are more superior than others or that you can only solve a problem alone. In this way, you miss important points of view and fail to learn more about the situation. From the most junior of developer to the most experienced Sales Manager, anyone can give you the possibility to learn something new or consider a problem from a different perspective. The ability is to select good ideas from the “fuffa” (bullshit) and discussing different point of views is invaluable.
  • Follow what you really love
    The most important thing I learned from this experience is to follow what you love and never compromise in fear of failure. Failures are part of who we are, they give us experience and the instruments to make better decisions in the future. For a part of my twenties, I compromised my dreams for a fear of failure, which took away from my goals. Never compromise. Set a goal and work every day to reach it. If you want to be an iOS Developer, but work in something different, take all the experience and the good things that the current occasion gives you, but never lose focus of your goal!

What’s next?

In the next month, I’m focusing on finishing my Bachelor’s degree. I would also like to take some additional courses to complete my Mobile Developer skills too. I also start this adventure as a blogger, with no expectations, only the desire to share my knowledge of new technologies, start-up products and all the stuff I share usually with my friends over a beer.
Of course, I’ll work on a couple of my own projects. Here are a few future updates to look forward to: Fantaorgoglio, FindMyHome, Cicero and CiuzPepe, are a few of them.

Lastly, I want to thank all the people who gave me the possibility to grow during my adventure in TA and wish everyone all the best!

Stay tuned for future updates!

“Non fanno differenza i posti in cui stai, ma le persone che ti circondano.”

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